InVision Her
Dorcey Applyrs

An unapologetic women’s empowerment life-style brand

InVision Her provides specialized moments and spaces for women to grow, create, heal, learn and simply be! True to our mission, InVision Her is committed to changing the world one empowered woman at a time!

“You’re one decision away from living fulfilled. So embrace the fear and leap anyway! “

~ Dr. Dorcey Applyrs, Founder & CEO, InVision Her
invision her womens empowerment
“Here’s to the woman who believed, when there was nothing to believe in. Here’s to the woman who loved, when love wasn’t an option. Here’s to the woman who lived, when living was too much! Here’s to the woman who gave, when there was nothing in return to give. Here’s to the soul-bearing woman, who lives through her heart. A woman who’s strength comes from the clouds and the roots of the earth. Here’s to a brave heart.”